NAME: Marvis Fernando Salvador
DATE: February 21, 2010
BIB/DIV:   11266 / M2529
TIME: 1h:13m:15s (gun) / 1h:12m:15s (net)
Result in Entire Field - 1326th place
1142 finishers behind. About 54% of finishers ahead.
Result in Gender (Men) - 1071st place
742 finishers behind. About 59% of finishers ahead.
Result in Division (M2529) - 269th place
202 finishers behind. About 57% of finishers ahead.
The location of the figure on the line shows your position in the finish order of the race. The closer the figure is to the right, the closer you were to the winner.
Who's who
Of the 2468 who finished, 27% were women and 73% were men.

Opposite Sex
For the record, you were ahead of about 61% of women finishers.

Timing Info
Your start delay: 1m 0s.
Note: This page based on GUN times. Click images for NET times.
 From 5.6k to Finish 
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passed you
 Result based on NET time: 1778th place
 Result based on NET time: 1426th place
 Result based on NET time: 367th place
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